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LifeGuard Pro-Life Ministry

LifeGuard Pro-Life Ministry

LifeGuard – Abortion Recovery & Pro-Life Ministry

Why start a new recovery ministry? Abortion has many victims beyond the unborn child. People know that forgiveness and healing are available after abortion. Our message needs to echo that the doors of the Church are open to anyone who has been involved in abortion, whether once or many times, and that to oppose abortion does not mean to oppose those who have them. The Church needs to embrace them in love and hope.


Action Plan

Post-abortion Bible Study


Pro-life Table – Set up a pro-life table at churches with the literature and materials. The presence of the table itself is a reminder of the pro-life cause.

Attend pro-choice rallies. Attend as a peaceful counter-demonstrator.

Write letters to the editor. Take the time to provide a voice to those who cannot speak…the unborn child.

Distribute pro-life literature.