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Addiction Resources

Addiction Resources

Nine Steps to Freedom

1. Your first step towards breaking free from the power of addictions is to admit that you are addicted and that you need help. Jesus says that when we confess ours sins He is just and faithful to forgive us our sins. I John 1:9

2. Your next step towards breaking free from the power of addictions is acknowledging Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. This means that you believe that Jesus is the only Son of God, was born of the Virgin Mary and died for your sins. John 3:16 says that “God so loved the World that He gave his one and Only Son that whoever believes on him shall have eternal life.”

  • Begin by praying the Prayer of Salvation. God’s ways are not our ways. Sometimes God chooses to work slowly in our lives. Breaking free from addictions is rarely an over night miracle. Don’t allow past failures to keep you from trying again.

3. Pray out loud, now.

  • Dear Jesus, I confess that I am weak right now. I repent of my sins and ask you to forgive me for them. I ask you to help me begin again. I confess that I am in bondage and ask that by the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus that you set me free. Thank-you for freedom.

4. Resolve in your heart to do whatever is necessary to gain freedom: therapy, small groups discussions, deliverance, rehabilitation.

5. Resist the Devil. The Bible says, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 Whenever you feel the old temptations arising again pull out your Bible and begin to read God’s word. Pray saying, “Jesus I need your help right now. Satan, I command you by the blood of Jesus Christ to cease and desist.” Do not allow your mind to entertain unclean thoughts or thoughts about your addiction. When they come into your mind immediately divert your attention. Philippians 4:8 says, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”

6. You will need support from a local church. Most churches with large congregations will provide free counseling to help deliver you from addictions. Jesus can set you free from your addictions. You may still have times of temptation and will need to find a strong support team to give you strength when you feel like taking drugs. There are several ways you might go about finding a support group.

a. Another source of help will be churches in your community. If you attend church contact your minister and tell him/her how you are struggling and that you need help. If he/she does not provide help contact some of the larger congregations in your area and ask who does have support groups for addictions.

b. Christian Recovery International provides information on finding support groups through Internet sources.

c. Overcomers Outreach Network will help you find meetings in your area.

7. Find a mentor or someone to whom you can be accountable. Anytime you are struggling this is the person you will call and get prayer support. A true friend will be someone you can call any time for help and who will listen to you.

8. Breaking addictions is not an easy over-night task. God is mighty to deliver you but you have established bad habits which will take time to be broken. Satan does not want you to be free. The good news is that God is sovereign and mighty. He will deliver you.

9.  Contact us and we will pray for you. Jesus Cares. We care about you!